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All-Tool-Mate™ Master Quick Connect Tool Kit - This kit features our RoyRods™ Quick Connect rod components

Kit Contents:

All-Tool-Mate™ Core Tools

Grabbit™ Mini Flashlight 2-Pack (part no. 82-390)

Automatic Center Punch (part no. 53-300)

Pocket Level (part no. 53-320)

EZ-Cut™ Template and Level (part no. 53-315)

Freeform Flexible High Speed Steel Drill Bits, 1/2" x 18" (part no. 65-318), 1/2" x 58" (part no. 65-358) and 3/8" x 36" (part no. 65-236)

Freeform Auger Bit 3/4" X 18" (part no. 65-418)

Freeform Masonry Bit 3/8" x 24" (part no. 65-424)

Freeform Extension 33" Long for 3/16" Shaft (part no. 65-437)

Wall-Eye Mini™ In-Wall Viewer (part no. 55-415)

RoyRods™ Pro 36ft. Quick Connect Wire Running Rod Kit (part no. 81-700)

RoyRods™ Quick Connect Ceramic Magnet Tip (part no. 81-709)

RoyRods™ Quick Connect Z-Tip (part no. 81-706)

RoyRods™ Quick Connect J-Tip (part no. 81-707)

RoyRods™ Quick Connect Magnetic Bull Nose Tip & Compass (part no. 81-711)

RoyRods™ Quick Connect Bull Nose Tips 3-Pack (part no. 81-708)

3ft. Fiberglass Push/Pull Rod (part no. 84-233)

CP34 Connector Protector Pull Sleeve 3/4" (part no. 85-975)

Fish Tailz™ Mesh Pull Sock Kit (part no. 85-900)

EasyStripper™ Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper (part no. 53-210)

Finger Protector Kit (part no. 51-146)

Single Line Pocket Cable Tester (part no. 57-600)

Staple Gun Holder w/ Belt Clip (part no. 53-325)

25ft. Locking 2-sided Premium Tape Measure  (part no. 51-180)


Twist-Lock Utility Knife (part no. 53-105)


Rite-Zit™ Cable and Wire Labeler w/ Refill (part no. 70-101)

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ATM Master Quick Connect Tool Kit