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DeCoil-Zit™ Reel Holder -

Three Component Portable Reel Holder


Quickly Setup Your Wire Spools On-Site without Unnecessary Bulk

The DeCoil-Zit is a collapsible wire reel/spool holder that can be quickly assembled or disassembled for on-site use and easy storage. Available in two sizes: standard for reels up to 20" diameter (Model DCZ) and large for reels up to 25" diameter (Model DCZL). Both models consist of two heavy duty tempered steel tripods, welded and finished in tough, purple powder coat finish that slide together with standard 1/2" conduit to form a stable platform for your wire reels (reel/spool not included).

Product Hi-Lite
Easy assembly & disassembly for compact storage.

Other features include:

  • Both models capable of handling reel weights of up to 200 pounds.
  • Anti-slip rubber feet provide grip to prevent slippage and sliding and prevent scratching the floor.
Where To Buy
Description Model Name Part No:

DeCoil-Zit Wire Reel Holder (up to 20" reels)

DCZ 56-200

DeCoil-Zit Wire Reel Holder (up to "25" reels)

DCZL 56-250