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The Original Sling-A-Line™ -

Span Caster


For ultimate accuracy and leverage, shoot the yoke horizontally.

The Sling-a-Line™ is the original span caster first introduced in 1982 by Labor Saving Devices Inc. Other manufacturers have tried to imitate it, but none offer the versatility in range and the retro feel of the original. The Sling-A-Line has a beautiful birch wood yoke with 10lb. test fish line to accommodate most wire pulls. Simply depress the caster reel, pull back the surgical tubing strap with the lead weight and shoot. The sling-shot action allows you to vary your range from 10ft. to over 100ft. Attach your wire or a pull cord and pull it back to you.

Product Hi-Lite
Eliminates multiple ceiling tiles & ladder movements!

Where To Buy
Description Model Name Part No:

Sling-A-Line Span Caster

SAL202 85-202

Replacement Parts

Model Name Part No:

Sling-A-Line Strap Replacement

SALR 85-210