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Hook-Zit™ - Flexible Retriever

The Hook-Zit is a flexible spring steel wire fishing tool. The small hook at one end and the larger "L" shape at the opposing end are faced the same way, so you always know which way the "fishing" hook is facing, even in blind wire fishing conditions. The mini hook end is designed to fish ball chain or wire inside a wall with a hole as small as 1/4", while the larger "L-shape" hook end is more for fishing a bundle of wires in a restricted space, i.e., inside a panel.

Product Hi-Lite
In pre-wiring situations, the 18" Hook-Zit is ideal to pull wire from stud to stud.

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Model Name Part No:

Hook-Zit 9" (3-Pack)

HZ-9 84-109

Hook-Zit 18" (3-Pack)

HZ-18 84-118