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Labor Saving Devices
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Wet Noodle™
Wet Noodle™ - Magnetic In-Wall Retrieval System

One of the Installers’ Most Valuable Tools!

Accept no inferior knock-off products - use the original - the Wet Noodle Retriever System. LSDI developed the ball chain and retriever concept to help save installation time. Since its introduction, it has evolved into a “must have” tool for retrofit installation. The Wet Noodle Retrieval System has been updated to now contain three components: a 24" flexible insulated retriever with magnets at each end; 10ft. of lightweight ball chain with a stop-ring; and an 18" telescoping pocket retriever. This system provides a fast and easy solution to connecting an in-wall entry point to an exit point blindly (without vision tools) to pull wire.

Product Hi-Lite
NEW Larger more Powerful 1/4" magnet has been added to the opposite end of the original 3/16" Neodymium magnet for extra pulling power where needed!

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Description Model Name Part No:

Wet Noodle and Retreivers 

WNRS 85-124

Replacement Parts

Model Name Part No:

10ft. Ball Chain with Stop Ring

WN10 85-024

24" Flexible Retreiver

R24 85-120

18" Extended Pocket Retreiver

LBS 53-310