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Labor Saving Devices
Pull-Zit™ - Pull-Sock Combo Kit

The Pull-Zit Wire Pull-Sock Combo Kit provides a comprehensive approach to pulling bundled or non-bundled wire, cable or structured cable. The kit comes complete with various diameters of bull nose DuraSoc™ mesh pull socks as well as several spools of pull sleeve material that can be used as a complete pull line!

  • One Fish Tailz Mesh Pull Sock Kit (Part No. 85-900)
  • Four spools of 30ft. DuraSoc™ mesh pull sleeve in four different diameters. Each spool is made of unbreakable Lexan® and is easy to wind and unwind. Mesh diameters: 1/8" diameter (for single RG6 coax or equivalent), 1/4" diameter (for double RG6 or equivalent), 3/8" diameter (for four RG6 or equivalent), 1/2" diameter (for six RG6 or equivalent)
  • 1 spool of 50ft. x 1/8" diameter premium pull cord wound on a special drill-attachable reel
  • Mesh End Repair Kit (for refinishing the ends of your mesh into a smooth bell end if they get worn or frayed). Repair kit includes a shaping cone and lighter.
  • Large J-Hook (for use with Grabbit™ Poles to pull socks)
  • Dove-Tail Head (threaded connector for Creep-Zit Rods to push socks)
  • Instructional Video
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Description Model Name Part No:

Pull-Zit Pull Sock Combo kit

PZFTCK 85-940

Replacement 30ft. Spools of DuraSoc Mesh Sleeve

Model Name Part No:

1/8" Diameter Mesh Pull Sock Spool (accommodates single RG6 coax or equivalent)

PZ1/8 85-913

1/4" Diameter Mesh Pull Sock Spool (accommodates double RG6 coax or equivalent)

PZ1/4 85-914

3/8" Diameter Mesh Pull Sock Spool (accommodates four RG6 coax or equivalent)

PZ3/8 85-915

1/2" Diameter Mesh Pull Sock Spool (accommodates six RG6 coax or equivalent)

PZ1/2 85-916

3/4" Diameter Mesh Pull Sock Spool (accommodates nine RG6 coax or equivalent)

PZ3/4 85-917

1" Diameter Mesh Pull Sock Spool (accommodates 14 RG6 coax or equivalent)

PZ1 85-918

1-1/4" Diameter Mesh Pull Sock Spool (accommodates 20 RG6 coax or equivalent)

PZ1-1/4 85-919

1-1/2" Diameter Mesh Pull Sock Spool (accommodates 30 RG6 coax or equivalent)

PZ1-1/2 85-920