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Labor Saving Devices
Fish Tailz™ - Pull Socks

Pull Wire or Cable Quicker, Without Stripping and Taping

The Fish Tailz™ Pull Sock Kit is an ultra convenient assortment of eight different expandable, flexible mesh pull socks for pulling bundled or non-bundled wire and cable up to 2" in diameter. Each mesh sock is made of our proprietary, flexible, expandable and contractible tight weave monofilament mesh. Similar to a “Chinese finger trap,” these socks easily slide onto cable bundles yet provide a super strong grip on the cable when pulled with tension. In each sock, the mesh is fused to an ultra strong bull nose at one end with a cross-hole to allow you to connect your mesh sock to a pull line without taping.

All eight mesh socks are contained in a handy nylon organizer roll-up case that provides easy removal and identification of each sock and it’s diameter. Hook and loop fasteners keep your organizer case rolled-up and secure. Individual mesh socks are available separately.

The eight Fish Tailz pull socks are each sized to accommodate the following diameters of non-connectored cable or bundles:

  • 1/8" dia. (accommodates single RG6 or equivalent)
  • 1/4" dia. (accommodates double RG6 coax or equivalent)
  • 3/8" dia. (accommodates four RG6 coax or equivalent)
  • 1/2" dia. (accommodates six RG6 coax or equivalent)
  • 3/4" dia. (accommodates nine RG6 coax or equivalent)
  • 1" dia. (accommodates 14 RG6 coax or equivalent)
  • 1-1/4" dia. (accommodates 20 RG6 coax or equivalent)
  • 1-1/2" dia. (accommodates 30 RG6 coax or equivalent)
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Description Model Name Part No:

Fish Tailz Mesh Pull Sock Kit

FTZS 85-900

Individual 36" long Mesh Pull Socks

Model Name Part No:

Fish Tailz 1/8" Diameter Mesh Sock

FTZ1/8 85-901

Fish Tailz 1/4" Diameter Mesh Sock

FTZ1/4 85-902

Fish Tailz 3/8" Diameter Mesh Sock

FTZ3/8 85-903

Fish Tailz 1/2" Diameter Mesh Sock

FTZ1/2 85-904

Fish Tailz 3/4" Diameter Mesh Sock

FTZ3/4 85-905

Fish Tailz 1" Diameter Mesh Sock

FTZ1 85-906

Fish Tailz 1-1/4" Diameter Mesh Sock

FTZ1-1/4 85-907

Fish Tailz 1-1/2" Diameter Mesh Sock

FTZ1-1/2 85-908