Labor Saving Devices


Labor Saving Devices
Steel Fish Wires -

These Steel Fish Wires are designed to fish wire in short to long runs or in applications demanding more flexibility than fiberglass. Made of high grade spring steel, these fish wires are available in standard lengths from 3ft. up to 100ft. (see chart below) and feature a centered eyelet on both ends for easy wire or pull cord attachment. The slim wires in the available longer lengths are vastly superior to traditional fish tapes in either short or long conduit runs where live circuits are not present. All fish wires over 10ft. in length come with case for convenient storage.

Product Hi-Lite
Available in standard lengths from 3ft. to 100ft. Custom lengths are also available.

Where To Buy
Description Model Name Part No:

.047 Diameter 36" Fish Wire (5-Pack)

FW36047 84-047

.047 Diameter 10ft. Fish Wire in Case

ICFW10047 85-510

.047 Diameter 25ft. Fish Wire in Case

ICFW25047 85-525

.047 Diameter 50ft. Fish Wire in Case

ICFW50047 85-550

.047 Diameter 100ft. Fish Wire in Case

ICFW100047 85-600