Labor Saving Devices


Labor Saving Devices
Fiberglass Push Rods -

These economical fiberfuse fiberglass rod pushers are fluorescent green  in color and reflect light shined on them.  The rods are .175” in diameter, flexible, yet retain memory to straight.  These rods are simply fiberglass blanks with a ground flat end and a hole drilled through to attach wire and push. Available in 2ft., 3ft., 4ft., 5ft., & 6ft. lengths.

Product Hi-Lite
Our fiberglass rods are the original “Glo Rods” first offered in 1986. We  innovate what  others imitate.

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Description Model Name Part No:

2ft. Fiberglass Wire Pusher

GR2 84-202

3ft. Fiberglass Wire Pusher

GR3 84-203

4ft. Fiberglass Wire Pusher

GR4 84-204

5ft. Fiberglass Wire Pusher

GR5 84-205

6ft. Fiberglass Wire Pusher

GR6 84-206