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Labor Saving Devices
Premium Accessory Quick Connect Tip Kit - Quick Connector

This kit contains a wide range of specialized quick connect tips for your RoyRods system.  The kit is intended to compliment your RoyRods Pro 36ft. Push Pull Rod Kit (Model RRP36), the RoyRods 30ft. Rod Kit (Model RR30 or RR30L) or the RoyRods 24ft. Compact Rod (Model RR24) kit by adding multiple specialty tips to meet a wide range of installation challenges.

This kit includes:

  • Quick Connect Z-Tip (for secure wire retreival)
  • Quick Connect J-Tip (for pushing or lay-up)
  • Quick Connect Lighted Bull-Nose Tip
  • Quick Connect Ceramic Magnet Tip (retreival)
  • Quick Connect Magnetic Locating Tip & Compass
  • Quick Connect Ball Chain Tip
  • Quick Connect Flex Tip
  • Quick Connect Screw Tip
  • Quick Connect Female Bull Nose Tip
  • "Piggy-Back" Tip Storage Case
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RoyRods Quick Connect Premium Accessory Tip Kit in Case