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Premium Accessory Tip Kit - Threaded Connector

A Complete Tip Kit and Case for Your Creep-Zit System!

This kit contains a wide range of specialized threaded connector tips for your Creep-Zit™ system. The kit is intended to complement your Creep-Zit Pro 36 ft. Push/Pull Rod Kit (Model CZP36), the Creep-Zit 30ft. Rod Kit (Model CZ30 or CZ30L) or the Creep-Zit 24ft. Compact Rod Kit (Model CZ24) by adding multiple specialty tips to meet a wide range of installation challenges. 

The kit includes the following components:


  • Creep-Zit Threaded Z-Tip (for secure wire retrieval)
  • Creep-Zit Threaded J-Tip (for pushing or lay-up)
  • Creep-Zit Threaded Ceramic Magnet Retrieval Tip
  • Creep-Zit Threaded Magnetic Locating Tip and Compass
  • Creep-Zit Threaded Ball Chain Tip
  • Creep-Zit Threaded Flex Tip
  • Creep-Zit Threaded Screw Tip
  • Creep-Zit Male Bull Nose Tip
  • Creep-Zit Female Bull Nose Tip
  • Creep-Zit Male Lighted Bull-Nose Tip
  • “Piggy-Back” tip storage case
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Creep-Zit Threaded Connector Premium Accessory Tip Kit