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Labor Saving Devices
Creep-Zit LS9FT - KIT

This innovative kit is offered as a result of direct requests from several installers who visited us at Trade Shows over the years. The LS9FT Kit was designed to offer a versatile yet economical version of our popular FIBERFUSE™ wire running kits for the occasional installer. The simple 3 piece system includes three 3Ft. length rods for a total of 9 feet and 2 Bullnose connectors. This is perfect for standard construction, single level wall fishing.

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Kit Includes:
Three 3 ft. rods with a male threaded connector on one end and a female threaded connector on the  opposite end.
•Two Bullnose Connectors. 1 Male thread Bullnose Connector and 1 Female thread Bullnose Connector.

Product Notes:
Installer’s Tip: Each rod can be combined to form a length from 3 feet to 9 feet. This kit is ideal for those new or occasional installers who borrow your standard rod kit and either do not return them or return them damaged!

Description Model Name Part No:

Creep-Zit LS9FT Push/Pull Rod Kit

LS9FT 84-240