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Labor Saving Devices
FFEXT™ Freeform Series Flexible - for Drill Bits

The Freeform flexible bit extensions offer the same functionality as our standard EXT extensions with the added ability to follow through a much smaller hole diameter (as small as 3/8”) without sacrificing strength or flexibility. The unique 3 set screw configuration insures a secure compression lock. These extensions are ideal for low voltage wire paths that utilize smaller drilled holes with increased speed and efficiency.

Installer’s Tip: As with any long bit drilling situation, where the bit can become unwieldy, we also recommend our AT-7 drill bit directional tool for stability and control. See below.)

Product Notes
Warning: We do not recommend mixing different diameter shaft sizes when used in conjuction with other extensions.

Where To Buy
Description Model Name Part No:

3/16" Shank for 3/16" EXT 55" Long

FFE55 65-438

3/16" Shank for 3/16" EXT 69" Long

FFE69 65-439